Alex Torres began his pursuit of Latin music at an early age. Influenced by legendary players such as Machito, Eddie Palmieri and Tito Puente, he formed a band specializing in Latino song structure and pulse. Original molten-hot Salsa, Merengue, Cha-cha, Bomba, Plena and Latin Jazz form their Afro-Caribbean repertoire. This twelve-piece band fills the room with intricate rhythms, a tight horn section, and dynamic vocals causing an irresistible urge to rise out of your seat and dance. Alex Torres and his orchestra have received numerous awards, shared the stage with many notable artists, and have performed for important political events. 

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An estimated crowd of 10,000 cheered on Torres as he came out on stage and yelled, “Que Pasa Montreal?, Vuvu danse!” And with that the orchestra commenced an hour long set of hot original salsa and hip swaying merengues much to the delight of the revved up crowd.
— The Gazette, Montreal
...I have never seen an act that so accurately reflects a culture’s music and yet targets a mainstream audience, combining education with exciting enviornment.
— Larl S. Brunig, The Chronicle, Pennsylvannia