Some new artists and old friends have joined the roster!!

On Queue is gaining momentum after a bit of a hiatus and has several new artists and a few artists we've worked with in the past who we're again representing. I am very happy about this because they are some of my favorite musicians.  Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman, Tony McManus, and Jacques Pellarin - all tremendous virtuosos.

We are also branching out beyond music to represent public speakers. Dr David Gonzalez has been a long friend and has enjoyed an exceptional career as a young audience performer. He has also written an opera and some productions for general audiences. His long experience as a performer has lead to many insights and he is adding keynote speaking to his many offerings.

Kelvin Chin has also been a friend for decades starting with my teaching him how to scuba dive and subsequently taking a meditation course from him with my terminally ill mother. Kelvin has had a fantastically interesting career path which is best researched on his two websites, one for his meditation course "Turning Within" and the other for his book and program "Overcoming the Fear of Death". On Queue is booking Kelvin for speaking engagements in health care organizations and communities.

Please take a look at these artists both here and on their own websites which offer acomprehensive insight into what they offer audiences. Then contact us to discuss possibilities!